Ts & Cs

Please Terms & Conditions of Sale

1. The Company is Knights which is a registered trading style of Knights Roofing and Joinery Ltd.

2. The Client is the person(s) named on the Sunroom, Porch, Conservatory or Window contract.

3. Payment of the Contract Sum becomes payable upon completion of the installation by contacting an official Knights

representative or the office on the final day.

4. The Company is not responsible for any telephone, alarm or television cables which may be disturbed or require to be re-

routed due to any work associated with this contract.

5. The Company cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by factors out with its control e.g. industrial action, civil

disturbance, traffic problems, inclement weather, fire, Acts of God or delays in obtaining Local Authority permissions. No claims

for consequential loss will be accepted because of such delays.

6. The Company cannot be held responsible for the necessary moving of furniture and lifting/relaying of carpets as required. The

Company does not guarantee that window blinds will re-fit the window once replaced.

7. Knights will require electricity to carry out the installation, this is to be supplied to Knights free of charge by the Client.

8. Knights will require access on the dates advised for the installation. Free access is to be given to Knights by the client.

9. The Company neither claims, nor guarantees, to eliminate condensation. Proper control of atmospheric conditions within the

property is essential to minimize condensation. The moisture in the air from everyday living such as cooking, hot water and

laundry is a major factor in producing condensation and action should be taken to minimize this effect by opening the window

to release the build-up of steam or open the vent in the window frame. External condensation on high-performance glass is an

indication that the unit is working effectively and is actively reducing heat loss through the glass.

10. The Company will install its products using standard Company methods which may vary from time to time in line with the

Company’s policy of continuous improvement.

11. Whilst installing products inside and outside of your home, Knights will be as careful and considerate to your home as possible.

However, if decoration, tiles or wall coverings are accidentally damaged, Knights cannot be held responsible for this. Knights

strongly recommend that you remove any tiles near the installation if you wish to keep them intact. If the client has asked

Knights to remove paths or walls in order to carry out work, Knights will not be liable for reinstating the above unless stated to

do so on the Contract.

12. If the Company’s surveyor finds evidence of existing problems of the need for alteration within the structure, finishing of the

property or public utilities (gas, water, electric) which are likely to give rise to additional cost during the installation, the

Company will advise the Client of the cost.

13. During your survey, if it appears that a satisfactory installation cannot be achieved, the Company, after notifying the Client,

shall have the right to cancel this contract. No claims for consequential loss will be considered.

14. This contract may be cancelled within 14 days from the date of signing / accepting by email or verbally. If you wish to exercise your Right to Cancel please notify the Company in writing at the address detailed at the bottom of the paperwork.

15. Where the Client wishes the performance of the contract to begin before the end of the cancellation period, he/she must

request this in writing. If performance of the contract does not commence under those circumstances and the Client then cancels the contract in accordance with Section 14 above, he/she shall be under duty to pay for goods or services that were supplied before the cancellation.

16. If cancellation of the contract by the Client is out-with the 14 days cancellation period specified in Section 14, And / or over 4 weeks from the agreed installation date, Knights will accept this only on the basis of 60% of the total contract sum being made payable to Knights.

17. If for any reason whatsoever you have to reschedule your installation date within a period of 21 working days prior to your

installation date, Knights reserves the right to claim for any consequential losses that would be incurred.

18. The quality of all glass supplied will be supplied within industry permissible tolerances set down by the Glass and Glazing


19. All external timber components must be treated with an approved preservative as required. All ironmongery, especially

external, must be cleaned regularly with a clean cloth, warm water and mild detergent. Hinges and locking mechanisms must

be lubricated with a little engineering oil.

20. All internal timbers are left bare, it is us to the Client if they choose to varnish/paint the timber and fill in any nail holes.

21. If the Customer goes on the roof during a roof installation or after any damages or snags will not be knights responsibility and the customer will be responsible for repairs or damages and the roof will be paid in full due to the customer being on the roof

22. Should Planning Permission or a Building Warrant be required for the installation of any products on the Window & Door

Contract, the responsibility lies solely with the Client unless the Company has agreed to undertake said submissions on the

Client’s behalf.

23. If the Company undertakes to submit for Planning Permission or a Building Warrant as necessary, then it will confirm in writing to the Client which submissions have been made. If no submission is required, this will be notified to the Client. Submissions in no way imply that permission will be granted.

24. If Planning Permission or a Building Warrant is rejected by the Local Authority for any reason, the Company accepts no liability

for claim for consequential loss in the circumstances.

25. In the event of unsuccessful submission, the Client shall be responsible for the Local Authority Fees incurred by the

Company as well as any associated costs related to the application. Any and all costs shall become due immediately upon

notification of an unsuccessful submission.

26. The Company will charge interest at the current Bank of Scotland interest rate on late payment.

27. Non-compliance with condition 3 will invalidate the Company’s Guarantee alongside abusive behaviour or should a customer change or alter the product in anyway this will also void our guarantee.

28. The goods will remain the property of the Company until paid in full.

29. The Knights Platinum Guarantee is fully transferable.

30. Any remedial work due to disturbed external roughcast and internal plasterwork will be the customer’s responsibility unless

otherwise previously agreed in writing.

31.Unless specifically stated on the Contract, all materials removed during the installation will be transported off-site and disposed of.

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